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Aurelia Grozajova IFBB professional bodybuilder



Aurelia Grozajova
Bajkalská 29/E, 821 01 Bratislava
Phone number: 00421 905 620602
E-mail address:

Claims and product returning

Claims are provided by e-mail via: Incomplete or damaged packages must be claimed immediately using the e-mail address above.

    a) Send an e-mail to including the text: "I would like to cancel my order Nr. XXX from the day MM.DD.RRRR with money-back quarantee."

    b) Posters and video must be delivered to seller with an enclosed copy of an e-mail according to the requirements above.

In case an undamaged product will be recieved by seller, the money will be returned back to customer's account.

Customer service

Phone number: 00421 905 620602
E-mail address:


Goods will be delivered by mail within 7 working days after the payment is recieved. Shipping and handling is free.

Personal and sensitive data protection

Informations contained in order form filled by the customer are used only for requested business purposes and will not be used for any third person nor any other commercial purposes.


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